The Thinker

"The Thinker" Paris 2013

“The Thinker” Paris 2013

Paris, France, is a town that attracts people from all over the world. Me included. Spring in Paris is an expression that brings out all kinds of dreams and pictures, at least in my head.

It is on my to-do-list to go there in spring; I have visited Paris several times, but never in spring. The fresh flowers, the smells, the joy of dining outside after a long winter, the awakening to something that promise joy and excitement. It makes my heart beat faster, my cheeks get red and I wet my lips in anticipation.
Spring will come every year, so next year maybe…

But Paris draws me for different reasons than just excitement, beauty, clothing stores, smells, food, wine, and joy. It is one place, actually two places, I come back to every time I am in Paris.

The first place is the Paris Rodin Museum, where Rodin’s many statues and artworks are exhibited. “The Thinker” is sitting in the garden of this Museum, and the first time I saw it, I was awed. This huge, well build and naked statue of a man is sitting with his hand under his chin and is contemplating something. But do we know what? No.

Every time I am here, I try to figure out what is on his mind. What does he see that makes him so concentrated, and so lonely? Does he see one of the other artworks in the park, the relief called “The Gates of Hell” and wonder what Hell really is? Does he see the young and old lovers that walk around in the park, and wonder how it feels? Does he see how hard many humans are being drawn in all directions, without a guiding light, seemingly without hope? Does he feel the pollution on his  skin? Does he see the seasons go by and wants to smell the flowers, feel the snow, and talk to someone? Does he see the love and joy that lies deep within all of us, and wants most of all to jump down to join us, but can’t figure out how?

It makes me sad that he sits there alone, all year, and can’t get back what he gives me; the ability to feel fully alive, with all the emotions that comes with it.

I bring the Thinker with me in my mind when I go home, to remind me that we should all use our most important tools: our ability to think and love, and be compassionate and forgiving…

Jump on the next plane, says ABitch.

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