To news or not to news? That is the question.

Good Day, Dear Reader?

Music has always been around ABitch; classic, pop, country western, rock, heavy metal, opera, blues, she loves all of it. This Bitch has memories from a young, young age listening to either someone singing, playing guitar and piano, or playing Beatles. She has an utterly lousy and short piano-playing period behind her. The singing-in–the-choir-period was better, but still the rhythm was off by some beats. But the happiness it was creating, was priceless.

Are you, Dear Reader, listening to music? When you work? In your lunch break? At home? “Live” somewhere? When you walk around?

Music is like honey for your soul; it makes it sweet and golden. It also helps the brain to relax and feel good if you hear something you like with a slow rhythm to it. Music can relieve pain since it supposedly can distract your thoughts, give you a feeling of control and your brain releases endorphins. Music is like a magic wand for your body.

This is why this Bitch is listening to a lot of music when she is reading the newspapers. Following the news is an important part of her day, and she is saddened by the quality of it. For what is news?

News is about something that has happened recently, and can be reported in the newspapers, radio, TV, on the net. Brilliant investigative news and stories these days are spars and long in between. This Bitch couldn’t care less what happened in the last episode of the latest reality show. Or who is earning how much, or who owns how many houses or cars or boats, or how much money people have in their bank accounts or in stocks. When did all of this become news?? The neighbor goes to the toilet every day too, and yes, it is something that happened recently, but is it NEWS??? We are drowning in news that are NOT news, just garbage. Where are the quality, depth, and the neutrality in an article about something that ARE news?

Why, Dear Reader, are we not asking for news that is actually a little better, than something this Bitch thinks was made up while the supposed journalist is sitting on the toilet, waiting for the hemorrhoids to become better? She is obviously in denial about this, because she don’t GET that WE want all this garbage, and WE are the ones that is asking for it. Because most people she knows, do not ASK for it, they WANT news that you actually don’t loose brain cells reading.

Please, Dear Reader, ask for MORE than just flashing pictures of bad-looking tits (or at least ask for some natural nice looking ones if you need it so badly, silicone is soooo out), or badly written stories about your rich next-door neighbor, or scary, Barbie-looking figures that is actually something people aspire to become like, or actually news or an interview that is written with so much unchecked facts that she can’t even get what the news is REALLY about.


Click on the mp3 file above if you want to listen to the text…

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