What am I having for dinner tonight?


Good Friday, Dear Reader

70 ml white wine, 70 ml white wine vinegar, 1 tbl shallots, 1 tbl tarragon, some pepper, a pinch of salt, 3 egg yolks, 170 gr. butter, and then some more tarragon.

This is going to go with my dinner tonight, and I am going to drink a sexy, masculine Californian red wine to it. What can this be? And no Wiki here, get hold of a cooking book and have some fun browsing it, so you can get ideas for your dinner too.

I try to make dinner from scratch every day, but let’s make it clear, this Bitch is not PERFECT Bitch. Far from it, I have realized after long days at work or long days of nothing, I am not always OK to make dinner from scratch.

Guess what, that is Okay. It is also OK to have a dirty house, as long as the dirt have not collected long enough to make a colony of life that will attack you when you open the door. I LIKE that it is clean and organized at home, but Dear Reader, I am only one person. I can’t be mom, have a perfect house, look perfect, make food from scratch, put in 100% effort into my interests and/or work-when working, be social AND be ready for sex when I want…

I will not tell you what my priorities are, but guess what, they do not include cleaning every day.

Have a wonderful lunch today, and thanks for a nice week. Enjoy your weekend, I will!



 What will I make?

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