Picnic in the park…


Picnic in the park...

Hello, Dear Reader

Today I have ventured out in the park with a good friend. The Winter Wonder land is cold and dark in the winter, BUT in the summer the sun shines almost all the time. The summer in Winter Wonder land is like a dream, there is sun, laughter, BBQ smoke, cold beer and wine all around. Kids are all over with their whines and laughter and running around. Love vibes are practically pushing their way through the air, and you see light clad people everywhere. It is a wonderful, wonderful time.

But, back to my picnic. It was the most delicious picnic, we had a red blanket to sit on and a few, but very good tasting foods to nibble on. My friend had made Walnut bread (if you want the recipe you will find it here http://trinesmatblogg.no/2013/03/14/eltefritt-valnottbrod-2/, and yes it is in Norwegian ) This recipe takes time, since it needs overnight to rise, but it is so worth the effort.

So we had this bread, some walnuts and a Camembert from a Norwegian maker; Gangstad, and on the top a drizzle of honey. What we didn’t have was a good wine, but even then, the sun, the food, and the joy of being outside was more than enough. We had a blast.

Dear Reader, why don’t you do the same in your lunch break? Find a park, eat some good food, and enjoy the people and the wonders of life.


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