Holiday and Bollinger Champagne.

Bollinger Spécial Cuvée, Brut

Bollinger Spécial Cuvée, Brut

Good day, Dear Reader!

Tomorrow is Ascension Day here in Winter Wonderland, and a holiday. This means that if it is possible, people take both tomorrow and Friday off, so they get a long weekend. It feels good after a long, dark winter to get days free that are filled with sun, BBQ, salt water, quiet fjords and late light nights. A lot of the time this is mixed by alcohol, and unfortunately excessively so in many cases.

I love to drink wine, drinks and anything alcoholic. I worked with it for many years both home here in Wonderland and in several other countries. It was a shock to come back to Wonderland and see how people dealt with alcohol here, since I had gotten used to a more everyday, sometimes more, sometimes less use. I worked with it from early morning till late night, and to actually do that one have to be more selective in what one does. It looked like people here had gotten used to drink wine every day, but they just had added this amount on the top of their Friday and Saturday consumption. Which I do not think was the intent when the Monopoly for sales of Wine, Spirits, and Beer in Wonderland wanted to turn the trend to wine consumption, not spirits consumption.

The only thing I want to say about that is that the shock is over, but not the wondering how people in Wonderland feel about this. It does bring out very many interesting questions, which I am not going to deal with today, for I am in a holiday mood. Please just remember when you venture out in your boat, car and all the other wonderful things you are going to do this weekend, in Wonderland it is a zero tolerance for drinking and operate any motorized vehicles. Get a designated driver, and have fun!

Let’s get back to happier thoughts. My house Champagne is, when I can afford it, Bollinger S C, Brut. It has spunk, as in spirit, not other meanings, and the cork always give me a fight. Which is good. The bubbles are delicate and plentiful, and the smell reminds me about grassy fields, vanilla, fresh and juicy lemons, warm summer days with a nutty finish. The taste is close to the same, with a warmer and nuttier taste, and a long finish. This wine does not disappoint me, ever.

Bubbles, Bollinger SC, Brut

Bubbles, Bollinger SC, Brut

Dear Reader, have a a happy holiday tomorrow if you are in Wonderland, if not have a beautiful day.  The Bitches will be back on this Friday with more interesting stuff.


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