Less, not more…



Dear Reader.

I hope the weekend reset your body, and your mind. A weekend that resets my brain helps me to get a good  week ahead. It also helps me to live with the constant flow of impressions, feelings, demands and much  of the unfairness, war, greed and gruesomeness which never seem to stop.

The history shows humans mainly have lived a very chaotic and gruesome life. This is probably how it always is going to be. But contrary to earlier, the world has become so very small information wise. When something happens, it is in the news in seconds.

A main news bit makes me start thinking; who is the source, why is this happening, who benefits, is it objective reported, has the reporting or the story or the happening itself been manipulated, what are the consequences, why now, what is the most logic next step, I can have food for thought all day and night if I let it happen. It is like a puzzle, it is challenging and most of the time I will never know the answers. When the news flashes by with fast speed, it takes a lot of effort to not to be burned out.

The constant huge flow of information, I think, burn people out. In addition to the huge flow, the news have become so interest owned, uncritical broadcasted and so poorly handcrafted, that why should people care? It is constantly flashing news and it is constantly showing something important, which is not important. Where is the critical thinking?

I feel it has become like it was in the US, in the time after 11. September,  when they installed a color-coded danger system, to report on the level of DANGER people were in. When it was constantly on high, or red alert, and nothing happened, people burned out and didn’t care what the level of alertness was. It only kept people in constant fear, and made people report their neighbor, which they didn’t like in the first place, to the authorities. It made for a very dangerous environment, and the result, as we have seen, was not a pretty one. And do we want to live in constant fear, unease and stress all the time?

But make no mistake; it was a very scary time! If you ever have seen a Californian 8-lane road being empty for three days and the air empty for civil air traffic, and people getting supplies and being very scared, and every quack person from all over the rainbow specter got news time, it made for a very special time. This Bitch had to leave the country a short while after this, and never has a plane been so empty. I could sleep in the row I wanted, next to an exit, in my case, and the safety check before this plane ride was very, very rough and tough. It was not a pleasant time, I assure you.

Why are so few people asking for more critical, and more quality, in the huge news flow that flows like crazy pass us every day, Dear Reader? I don’t want censorship, I want less constant flashing news and more quality in the reporting. A drunken driver hitting the curb and total its car, leaving the scene while an ill person needs help left in the car, is news, but not flashing, constant flowing news, even if it is a famous cross country skier which is doing the deed. A bomb in the car had been flashing, constant flowing news, not this. Everything, after the initial reporting, is gossip, and should be on the last page in the newspaper.

We don’t need MORE info, we need less with more quality to the info, Dear Reader, and I can’t say it enough. I want to care! I want to make a better word! But how to do that when I am exhausted from all the news flowing by so I  can’t even see the forest for all the trees?