Prosecco Love.


Armani Bubbles

Armani Bubbles

Go’day, Dear Reader!

This Bitch had a very exiting day yesterday, and that left her without a mp3-file and a very badly corrected text that dealt with a very serious subject. I am sorry for that, on the same time I feel like I am a real journalist from one of the cheesy newspapers here in Wonderland, obviously they have exiting days too, judging by their badly, fast written texts and no grammar checks.

But, back to my exiting day, I got hit by a car when I was driving to my regular coffee shop. A driver drove on red, he got blended by sunlight and didn’t see that the light had changed. He hit me and I had to go to the hospital. No physical damage, but I just couldn’t stop trembling. It is very difficult to fill out papers when your hands tremble like crazy, but nice police officers helped me out. The day became very different than I had planned. It got me thinking, again, of the fragility of life. But that is topic for a new blog, later.

Now (yesterday evening) I feel almost back to my old self, and I am enjoying some glasses of Prosecco. Prosecco is an Italian white sparkling wine  priced very moderately. This is always good, because you then can enjoy it like a house wine and drink it when you are making dinner, or just want a glass when you read the daily news, or sit on the balcony looking out over the city, like I do. My favorite here is Albino Armani Prosecco, and it is made of 100% prosecco, the alcohol  level is 11%, sugar content is 15 g/l, yikes, and the acid is 5.9 g/l.

This wine is the closest I get to feel like I am near a steel tank full of grapes fermenting, and it flings me right back to the wine industry. The bubbles are very delicate, and plentiful, and the cork gives me an enjoyable “pop!” when it comes out of the bottleneck. The pop! brings with it the aromatic smells of yeast, green grapes and lemon, fruit and a little fake Hubba-Bubba gum. The taste is creamy, mainly banana and fruits, and it is easy and light to drink. This is no wine for the deep, dark nights and the big questions, this is the male, sexy bodied laughing 20-something down the street that I like to drool on when he is walking by in shorts and have nothing on the upper body. It is light, it is fresh and it is without dark thoughts. It is delightful and easy.

House wine

House wine

Dear Reader, there are wines for every occasion and this is for a sunny afternoon contemplating what to have for dessert, not  the meaning of life.


Click on the mp3 file above if you want to listen to the text…

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