YOU! Hey YOU! Yes, YOU! Get yourself some self-respect!

Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful

Dear Reader,

In the light of the Friday blog, ABitch has been thinking that maybe much of the unhappiness with people’s body and performance are stemming from low self-respect. ABitch dived down into the self-respect world on the Net, and she discovered there are a lot of information that is laying there, ripe for picking. The definition of self-respect in Oxford Dictionary online is: Pride and confidence in oneself; a feeling that one is behaving with honor and dignity. She is not sure that specially young people know what honor and dignity are, but let us try to find out how one can get more of it.

Self-respect is not related to how people perceive you, to your achievements or to your public image but instead it comes from within, says a quote on, and she thinks that covers it all. There she also finds a list how to NOT gain self-respect.

1. loose your values: what do you value most?

This Bitch values honesty and directness, and if she needs to go against this she starts loosing her self-respect. She also looks for these values in others.

2. are you keeping your promises or not?

This is a hard one for this Bitch, but she tries as hard as she can, but sometimes she looses her self-respect when she thinks about the promises she has promised herself and not kept. This has resulted in less promises, but a higher rate of success, and an increased self-respect.

3. are you begging, not asking?

Are you begging to get what you want? Then the self-respect are jumping out the window. Never, never ever beg people, just ask.

4. are you brave or not?

Do you dare to follow your dreams, do you ignore your problems, do you try to improve what you don’t like? Well, to be brave makes the self-respect grow.

There are so much one can do to get higher self-respect, and the most important one is to be true to yourself. Learn to handle criticism, avoid being jealous on other people, remember the motivation, not the result, respect others, do not hate yourself and learn to forgive both others and yourself, be selfless, and don’t keep up with the Joneses. All these are picked from, and they look easy to follow on the paper, but much more difficult to follow in real life.

Basically it says to be happy with your life and don’t let others steer it. The bigger the outer pressure, the harder it is to stay true to itself. So stop listening to what other people think, mean and say about you and live your life the way you want.

This Bitch loves herself, and not in the cheesy, fake way, but in the way one can meet big challenges and setbacks. The funny thing is whatever you have or not, do or not, there are problems which is connected with either one. If you look good, people think they have the right to approach you and talk to you and comment about you and demean you and tell you what is right or wrong with you. If you are outreaching and positive, people comment about you being too attention seeking, to superficial, if you are introvert and quiet, one is not contributing to the rest of the society, I can go on and on. The best way is to know your values and stand your ground. This doesn’t mean one can not listen to advice, but take it as an ADVICE, not something you need to follow. When you have heard whatever comes out of people which have low self-respect, and low self-esteem, enough times, it brushes off like fairy dust. Sometimes people are smart and hit close to where your low points are, but then one only needs more strength and more love to stay the course.

Dear Reader, please love yourself and stay true to your values. No one else than yourself can live your life, so please, take the gifts that you are given, and highlight them, not all the mistakes and faults you think you have done and have.

Life is beautiful, even with setbacks, problems and pain.


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