You know it is here…

Food for all year

Food for all year

Dear Reader.

… when your eyes are running, your nose is stuffed and your voice has changed to a blues singers whiskey drinking voice. Yes, you are right, it is the summer cold. Not a nice visitor, since it makes warm weather feels like hell, good BBQ food and wine taste like paper and one just wants to turn around in bed and stay put.

And, yes, the ABitch has fallen for its friendship. The voice of ABitch has turned to a Marilyn Monroe edition with squeaky quacks in between, and had she not felt so sorry for herself it would actually be funny. Instead of falling for this uninvited guest, why didn’t she fall for a sexy and wonderful man with lots of humor, intelligence and money? It would have been much more interesting…

So today ABitch will make something for her cold and what would that be?

Last time the ABitch made Tomato Sauce which can be used to pizza, pasta, Ratatouille, to your favorite meatballs, the list goes on, it is only your imagination that stops the uses of this wonderful, wonderful tasty sauce.

The dish I make today one can add some crème fraîche or cream to it if one want, or a couple of potatoes, or little bit of white wine, just to spiff it up.

The recipe:

1 cauliflower head, 6 deciliter broth, 1-2 shallot onions, olive oil, salt and pepper. Optional 1-2 potatoes, cream, crème fraîche or a little bit of white wine. If you want some bacon to it, brown it and cut it in small pieces to put on to of the dish.

Les Grès Chardonnay Viognier 2013 fits very much to this dish, it is a very simple wine, but are perfect to every day consumption. The alcohol level is 12.5%, the sugar level is 2.3 g/l and the acid is 5.1 g/l. It is a young, fresh wine bottled for consumption now, it has a screw cap and to this price it is very nice indeed.

I love the grape combination; 50% Chardonnay and 50% Viognier. The Viognier grape is aromatic and brings floral, fruity, like peach or sweet fruit to the mix, and I am glad more wines are produced with this grape variety. This Bitch thought it was better on day two, since the wine smelled a lot of SO2 when first opened and she couldn’t get behind/below this. But on day two it opened up with a clear, flowery and lemon smell, and a warm summer day taste with lemon, flowers, peach and a hint of banana.

If you have banana bread for dessert after the first dish, this wine fits perfectly. Banana bread is just the right comfort food for an ill person, and after the first dish, the wine and a piece of banana bread, this Bitch will probably feel almost like herself again.



Have a good lunch,


*No mp3 file today, even if it would have been funny for you to listen to*

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