Pleasures in life!

Champagne is a huge pleasure in life

Champagne is a huge pleasure in life.

Dear Reader,

as this Bitch is ill and tired, she uses her day to be positive. There are, for her, so much pleasure in life, and when this Bitch feels like this, she tries to focus on the good stuff. Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut Champagne is good stuff. Lots of yeast smell, lots of lemon. Maybe a little too little bubbles after the initial pop! Some browned nuts, and some light honey are also there, but it definitively trickles very nice down the throat. She misses the bubbles, and the acidity in this dry wine, is very noticeable. It feels like one bite into a fresh lemon wedge with a little caramel topping, and the mouth gets to know the small acid monster. It misses a little bit of balance, this Bitch think, but oh my, it is nothing that would stop her from enjoying it very much. It is fresh, and has spunk.

Wine glass through a magic glass ball

Wine glass through a magic glass ball

Other pleasures are, of course for her, fast cars and motorcycles. Fast cars gives her a rush, and driving fast makes the world so much better. These days the fast cars and the fast motorcycles are a rush now and then, not the 6 till 8 hours every weekend thrills it was before. It is so much that the fast driving gives her; concentration and full focus on one thing, mastering the engine and feeling it performs optimally, and just gliding through traffic. That is pleasure for her.

But there are also rafting, sailing, making wine, having sex with and love a person with her whole heart, reading good books and writing something others enjoy reading, eat wonderful food and drink wine, travel, observe people over a cup of coffee or look at the stars at night, do a good job and feel like she has accomplished something, enjoy her family, look at and make art, hiking and the list goes on.

All this make up pleasures, and she can’t rank one thing on the top. Then she has to divide it into groups, and why do that? It is challenges and rushes and pleasures and enjoyments with all of this, and it all gives her a full life. A balanced and full life are needed for her to live. She does have to say being a mother has caused the biggest highs and lows and the most challenges so far, but it is the best thing which have happened to her. It has also caused the life of this Bitch to feel like total chaos and the feeling of no control. It is not a new experience, but to be bringing a new life  into the world and teaching it how to balance its life has endless opportunities, and feels for this Bitch pretty scary. But this is what life is about. To enjoy and to dare to go beyond the safe ground, and live life to the fullest.

Have a good lunch,


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