Wait, I’m putting the world on hold!

Flowering i Wonderland

Flowering i Wonderland


Dear Reader,

Today this Bitch wants to put the world on hold.

I woke up, and had a coffee while I looked through the daily news. Have you read the news, today Dear Reader? Well, it is not very uplifting. Lets start with Irak, Iran and the fanatics there, then continue to the Russians and the different gangs there which obviously can’t read a map, down to southern Europe and the mafia with its record high earnings, jump back to France where the right side is throwing shit on each other and every other group and race, jump over to the ocean to the drug cartels which have full control over big areas, to pollution in the air and ocean, and finally back to Wonderland which has its own problems.

Here, the new buildings in our main city are sinking and dragging older buildings with them. I am left wondering, did they know that the ground they built the new buildings on was a mix between mountain and filled-out masses, or whatever the buildings are sinking in, or did they just close their eyes and thought the buildings were going to hover over the bad masses, or even better, did they think steel and other building materials were going to weigh nothing?

Anyway, I am looking forward to the weekend and I will try to stay clear from the world. I hope you, Dear Reader, can find something fun to do too, maybe watch the World Cup in Soccer?

Try to at least think good thoughts and a create a  quiet oasis from the storms which are raging out there…


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