In need of comfort in Wonderland!

Which dish is this?

Which dish is this?

Hello, Dear Reader.

Today it is cold and rainy in Wonderland. Nothing remind me about summer and soon Summer Solstice and Midsummer Eve. So this Bitch wants to make some good comfort food for dinner, and have a glass or two of red wine. So what do I make?

Just have to mention; last time I made Cauliflower soup, and I love it. But this time I want more substance and in addition to theĀ ingredients in the picture, one need dry white wine.

Here it is:

80 gr onion; yellow and diced, 1oo ml of olive oil, 350 gr of rice (special rice for this dish), 200 ml dry white wine, 1 1/2 liter of warm broth, 2 1/2 dl Parmigiano cheese. Salt and pepper. I also have mushroom and bacon to be mixed into the dish before serving. I often use some of the broth from the hydration of the dried mushroom in the dish.

This dish is very filling and is just right for a rainy, cold summer day, or a cold winter day…

A good Pinot Noir or a lighter Bordeaux can be served with this, since it is both mushrooms and bacon in the dish.



Dear Reader, even if it is cold and rainy outside, one can have a warm and good tasting meal inside to warm our hearts.

Have a good lunch,





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