Life is Beautiful.


Life is beautiful

Life IS beautiful

Dear Reader.

The sadness of life is a heavy burden to bear. We have illness, we have death, we have old age and we have the personal lows that makes the days slow and difficult to go through. But it is part of a life, which is fully lived and balanced. Even if it seems we have taken this part of life away…sadness, sorrow and death have become such strangers, so unwelcome in our hearts. We shield away and want to ignore that life is not constant; even if it is like a sea, which ebbs up and down following the rhythm of nature.

Sorrow can come from so many changes in life, and it makes life gets its shadows and deep valleys. Death comes always so suddenly, are we ever prepared for the death of a loved one, a friend or family? Are we prepared for illness and hard days, week after week to see a loved one slowly wither and die? Are we prepared that love can open up the heart and leave it crippled when the unfiltered love goes away? Will the shadows from all these events ever go away? I know the shock will, I know the tears will, but will the lingering in the heart?

I hope not, because this is how I keep the loved ones forever there. The lingering in the heart changes colors, the shadows swirls in the heart over and over, but the swirls changes to brighter and happier colors without you noticing. Suddenly you find yourself being happy, being able to laugh without sadness, which have been making the laughter hollow and fake. The colors have changed and it makes life bright again. The darker colors come visiting now and then, but mostly you remember a smile, a feeling, the love, and the laughter. I know so, therefore I welcome a whole life to my heart, even if it is sometimes bleeding and crying and feeling overpowered by the burden of life.

Death is not sexy, it is devastating and sometimes ruining for the people, which is left to live on. Death is permanent, death is final, and death brings no joy or pride. Death is nothing to challenge or to be seeking, it is just death. Death you can’t control or ask forgiveness. Death is a flash and then emptiness.

Life is hard, but death is final. Life can be filled with love that makes you a better you, happiness, joy, bright colors, excitement, challenges and forgiveness. Please choose a whole life every day, day after day, even if you feel a loss of a loved one, or feeling powerless by the world’s tragic events where people full of hate ask for other people’s death and destruction, or have to live with pain so hard it is almost impossible to go on.

I hope you, if you need it, Dear Reader, find a hand to hold or a heart to feel, to walk with you one step further to the day you can laugh with your heart full of bright colors. Maybe you know someone that needs a hand or a shoulder to cry on, to lighten his or her burden, to bring some sunshine into the darkness. If you don’t find someone to share the bad days, weeks or months, step one step in front of you every day, till you can look at the sun and smile…and feel that life is beautiful.


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