Mireille Guiliano’s survival tips!

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.

Dear Reader.

Anyone that has reached beyond 45 years of age has started to really look hard at themselves in the mirror in the morning. If you say no, then you are lying to yourself. And yes, you too, male over 45, is doing the same thing, as in looking in the mirror and scrutinizing yourself.

Depending on how you look at yourself in the mirror, the result of the scrutiny has several options. One option is to run to the Botox and knife doctors, other options is to sprint to the hairdresser or start heavy exercise regimes. For me, first I take an extra cup of coffee, then I read books about survival over 45…I have a clear goal for my body and face, it is to be healthy, both mentally and physically when I am 80. By then I will have money to buy a good looking wig which will take the looks away from all the wrinkles in the face I will have developed by then. I do look at my body as a gift to keep in shape, but not with extreme, fanatic methods and painful procedures.

My body is so full of scars after a burn accident that I know that a good life runs deeper than fixing-things-you-think-look ugly/weird/silly-operations and depriving, long running marathons and fanatic regimes for good health. I am glad to be alive, and have fully operational legs and arms and head, so if my face reflects this, it is okay. Of course, I too, want to look good and feel good, but I do think attitude and how you look at your self and life in general is a much better start to the middle age crises than anything else.

And yes, middle age crises this Bitch has developed. So, happy she was when she came over a new book from one of the authors she has been following, Mireille Guiliano. This author wrote, “French Women Don’t Get Fat” and is a funny and good written book about life, work, wine and food. Lots of recipes and the book give you an uplifting and maybe forgotten way to look at food.

Now she has returned to the limelight with a new book; “French Women Don’t Get Facelifts”,  and if you want some light summer reading with some serious backdrop, this is it. I think the book gives new rise to take a good look at how you perceive yourself and your body. Attitude is everything, and to age with grace and love are the main takes I get from this book. Food is also in this book important and the list of super healthy foods were a joy to read, since a lot of the food there was something I like. Usually the list of healthy food contains so many items I wouldn’t even find in a store in Wonderland, and I am quite sure I dislike the taste of many of the items too. She also talks about having sex and enjoying sex and that it something I can like. Sex should be as natural and wonderful as eating and enjoying food, but it seems that people are having enough with their daily rut with work, and thinking their not perfect bodies do not deserve the pleasures of sex. And really, who wants to actually use energy on having a good sex life? That was ironic, if you didn’t get it…

Dear Reader, have a good weekend. Please try to have some fun, and I do sound like an old hippie when I say love, peace and happiness to you!


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