Lemons; yellow and juicy gold.

Organic lemons; probably called "Verna" grown in Spain

Organic lemons.

Hello, Dear Reader.

People here in Wonderland have started to take summer holiday, and the state-run radio has started a program called “Reiseradioen” (directly translated: travel radio). I love this program, and in all the years I was not living here in Wonderland this was a huge loss. “Reiseradioen” is summer, sunshine, missing birds, cats, teddy bears and cameras, wonderful music and bathing temperatures from every small place in the long stretched Wonderland. Not a fjord or smallest town are forgotten, and that I grew up swimming around in the deepest and longest of the fjords, are more than I can understand. Because the water temperatures are cooold, I can ensure you.

It is a two-hour program every morning, and nothing else can get me more in the right summer-and holiday mood. I grew up with this radio program, and last year it celebrated 50 years with summer! It has survived lousy radio hosts, bad music, freezing bathing temperatures and long, dreary and rainy summers. Every time I hear the “Reiseradioen” jingle, I get in a good mood. And this brings me over to something else which brings me in a good mood.

Lemons! Lemons are a staple food item in my house. It lays there yellow, shiny, and organic with not perfect skin. In Wonderland I have to admit, the smell of an uncut lemon is not the best, since it is usually brought here from abroad and picked green and early, and it doesn’t get the fantastic smell one can find elsewhere. But they are juicy and  when it is cut up, smells gorgeous and tempting. To get to the origins of the lemon I jumped to Wikipedia, which is easy to use, but unfortunately not always very accurate. But in this case I do think I can trust it, so here we go.

Lemon is originating from Asia, and is genetically a hybrid between sour oranges and citron. And no, lemons and citrons are not the same, citrons are similar to lemons but with flesh that is less acid and peels that are thicker and more fragrant. There are lots of different varietals and each of them have different properties. Some has high levels of oils in the skin, some are more acid than others and others have less robust skin.

You probably know this, but the lemon can be used to about every thing under the sun…the lemon has low pH and filled with citric acid, so it has antibacterial effect. It can be used to clean the weirdest things, and brighten your day! And the endless uses in foods; cakes, desserts, drinks, preserves, it is so much one can use this little yellow, juicy golden fruit in and with. I have made lemon tart, lemon mousse, lemon cake, lemon chicken, G&T’s, I can go on and on, and cleaned with it around in the kitchen and bathroom.

So, joy to the lemon and run, Dear Reader, to the store to buy organic lemons and let it start a lemon revolution in your home. Let it brighten your day!

Have a great day and lunch, Dear Reader!




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