Blue sky, sun, summer and good food!


Dear Reader, blue sky and white fluffy clouds are here!

The radio program I talked about yesterday; “Reiseradioen”, is on in the background while I am sitting here enjoying life. Food is part of summer and since it has become warmer since I had a recipe, I am doing something I really have been missing from California.

Last time in “In need of comfort in Wonderland”, I was making mushroom risotto with crisp bacon bits. It is a very good comfort food and it is one of my favorite foods to make. This dish goes well to a lot of different meats, and veggies other that mushroom are also welcome.

This time I am going to make a dish I looove, unfortunately it also made me put on a lot of weight, so I rarely enjoy it now. But it is just a delight to eat. I just have to swim like crazy after enjoying it.

Here it comes, this time the dish is being made up by several parts. This dish one have to think ahead of what is going to be made first and last…

Part one:

170 to 230 grams of butter, 3 egg yolks, 1 tablespoon cold water, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, pinch of salt, 15 grams of COLD butter, salt and pepper for seasoning.

Part two:

eggs, boiling water, and a saucepan.

The rest:

Make crisp bacon, toast the bread, put bacon on the bread, then the eggs, then part one on top. In addition I like to have avocado, and some extra crisp bacon, on the side. Then, as quickly as possible, ENJOY.

This dish is good with a Chardonnay from any parts of the world. Not too much oak in the wine! But I also have been enjoying this with a good Champagne, but it is all up to you Dear Reader.


The dish looks a little bit messy, but believe me when I say; it has the most wonderful tastes and I enjoy it immensely. Enjoy your day, holiday or not.







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