Dear Reader!

Today is Friday and end of the workweek. Hooray!

It is also end of the first week in Juli and the US is celebrating their day. Hooray!

So today, as we are ready for the first week of July and new summer parties, I thought to bring up etiquette. With this I mean the definition: “conventional requirements as to proper social behavior”. I had an old book when I was much younger which showed me all kinds of funny and not so funny rules and proper ways of behaving in private setting, specially for females. I opposed to a lot of them then, but when I have gotten older, I have understood that at least some basics both for male and females are needed.

A lot of the etiquette rules have changed since then, and every country and workplace have different definitions of what is proper behavior. Since the world seem more chaotic than ever, I thought that maybe a short visit into how to show respect to other people could be an idea. It is an etiquette for about every setting; driving, parties, dinners, when you meet the Queen and King and other royal people, business, how to dress to all these settings, I can go on, there is a proper etiquette for every second one are in contact with other people.

If you are dining with other people; get the keys, mobile phones and purses away from the table, and dress nicely. Enjoy yourself.  When going to a party; mingle, listen to people, be joyful and leave your bad mood and temper at home. Make people feel they are the main focus, and make them feel special. They are! Do not drive drunk home, walk, take a taxi or any other way that will bring you home without getting into your car intoxicated. At work; dress in proper clothing, take a shower and use deodorant before going to work so people don’t get to smell you before you get into the office, and take disagreements in private. Smile to people and make people feel well. There are many, many other rules and I could list book after book to each setting, but I think these are very good ones.

Basically; try to be polite, make people feel good and try to leave heavy and difficult arguments at home. There are pleeenty good friends and others one can have good and intense discussions with. It is refreshing, but it doesn’t fit every occasion.

Dear Reader, have a good lunch and good weekend. Smile to a stranger and share some joy.


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