Perfume and stuff!

Shalimar in flowers...

Shalimar among flowers…


Dear Reader.

Yeah, a new week is here! I have had some days off to hang out on some of Wonderlands very nice beaches and take care of stuff that should have been done. Some of the stuff got done, more is left, but this will be done alongside writing. Wonderland is experiences heat which has not been here since 1945 or so. It is very hot, and it takes time to get used to. But it is beautiful and life on a personal level is a delight.

I started thinking about what in life is stable? The weather is very unstable, and worse it is going to be from the climate which is changing. This brings changes to the nature, and we humans have to start thinking differently. We are experiences much more violent temperatures, rains and storms. The earth seems more violent; earthquakes, volcano outbreaks and other natural changes. This is having a huge effect on how we live, since we have been used to feel we have a stable environment and our home has been our castle. Now our homes get taken by floods, or by mudslides, or tsunami waves, and the precious clean water is getting depleted by pollution and misuse. War and hate has exploded the last years and huge populations are emigrating to new places.

On a more personal level, I have lived a very interesting life; I have been married twice, I have lived and studied and worked here and there, I have had a lots of friends which have come and gone, and I have had very low periods when I have had to deal with illness and death. It has been a full life, and I hope I will get much more of this wonderful life in the future.

Not much has been stable in my life, and I started thinking, are there anything I have kept that has been with me most of my time? And funny enough, I found one THING which has been there since I was a teen. I am not thinking about my love for books, or music or food or wine or all the other loves I have had throughout my life.

My perfume! “Shalimar” from Guerlain.

I got this perfume when I was 16 or so as a gift, and this is the only perfume I ever used. I have tried other perfumes, but this is a smell I have come back to over and over again. It smells wonderful, it is rich and makes me feel like a queen. It comes from Guerlain, and now I only have the “Eau the Toilette”, since the “Eau the Perfume” is very expensive. This perfume was made in 1925 and is “the perfume of desire”. Quoted directly from the Guerlain web page:

Voluptuous, sensual, spellbinding.

A flight of flowers and bergamot whips up the top notes with a breeze of freshness. The heart is warmed by enveloping and delicately powdery notes of iris, jasmine and rose. To conclude, the presence of vanilla, rounded balmy notes and the gourmand warmth of tonka bean orchestrate a sensual symphony for the dry-down.

“Wearing Shalimar means letting your senses take over,” Jacques Guerlain would say.

It is true. I let my senses take over all the time; when I was making wine, to when I make food, to smelling people; which is outmost delightful and sensual, to feeling people and materials, to looking at beautiful art and nature.

Dear Reader, let your senses take over and get a new dimension in life!
Take calculated risks and love life!
Life is too short and unstable to wait till tomorrow…


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