Picture power…


Dear Reader.

The day should be like the picture; bubbly, sunny and with good tasting wine. But that is not how I feel today. The picture is hiding one thing, the bottle of Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut Champagne was too acidic and too chalky. When I had it last time, it was still a little bit out of balance, but delicious, but this bottle was way out there.

So, the picture is tricking me, into thinking the content is good, even if it was not to my liking, since it looks so perfect. The power of pictures are very strong, and as we have seen the last months, a lot of pictures from the wars going on have been circulating in the newspapers and in other social media. Dead people, destroyed people, bleeding people, people in deep sorrow, people fleeing, houses destroyed…

War has always been full of sorrow and death, and it is always the innocent which has to pay the price for the wars folly. That is why war is dreaded, and scary and horrifying. It seems like hate has exploded lately, and it has been forgotten that the cost of wars are very, very high. The pictures showing dead people and the terror of war should be there to show us what is going on. But if the flow continues and it is the same horrifying pictures over and over again, it works against what it was supposed to do; to created empathy for the cause and the people who is affected.

The viewer will burn out from all the impulses and will not react to all the horrifying and terrible things which are being done. The justifications for war actions are so blurred out lately that it is difficult to find the good and the evil and the right side and the wrong side. So most viewers will just go on with their daily life, and “forget” the horrifying pictures since it is not affecting their day.

I am not sure what the people behind the war actions want; do they want to be forgotten so they can do what they want, or do they want to get people’s support and empathy to force through a solution? If solutions are possible when so much of the causes are built on pure hate and conviction? If a solution is wanted, the pictures should be used with out most care…

Dear Reader, what is affecting you, do the pictures make you cry or are they just part of the day, however gruesome they are?


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