Expectations and books.


Dear Reader.

Books were my first big love. And I still love them. Books smell like a dry wine cellar, and every time I open up a new, fresh, unread book, I have huge expectations. The travel begins, and if it is a new book in a series that I have been reading, I  jump into the familiar world to follow the main person on new adventures. The better the author, the better I can see the details, smell the smells and help to solve the mystery or go along on a trip or see the world the way the author does. It is true magic, and not much beats this feeling. Unless one happen to meet magic in real life, which rarely happens, this is the best way to experience magic.

One author I admire very much, is Jacqueline Winspear. She is making a time, which I would have loved to experience, alive for me. She brought Maisie Dobbs into my magic world and I have been following this girl into womanhood and mystery solving. Born in the end of the 1800 in England, we are following her through challenges as a servant, a student, a nurse during 1. st World War, an assistant to her mentor and when she is starting her own investigating business to solve mysteries.

To see this era and this perspective trough the eyes of a woman is very rare, and it is a very challenging task Jacqueline Winspear has undertaken. I have been waiting to get a hold of her last book, “Leaving everything Most Loved“, but Wonderland has not a big selection of English books in its bookstores, so it has to be ordered online. That takes time and money. So I am holding out as long as I can before I have to have it, and I saw it is now out in paperback, which is much cheaper. Also her standalone “The Care and Management of Lies”, I would have loved to read. This means I have much to look forward to. I love that, expectations and the wait are just as important as the magic itself. I could have used all my money on books, wine and travel, so I have to show restraint, unfortunately.

Look at the authors web page: http://www.jacquelinewinspear.com

My secret dream is a bookshop with a cozy coffee-and wine bar with all my favorite authors visiting, but with online books and bookstores and people having less time for most things in life, that is maybe a wasteful dream. But anyhow, I dream and enjoy magical worlds almost every day, so I can’t complain!

Dear Reader, why don’t you walk by a bookstore in your lunch or on your days off. Magic is waiting for you around the corner.








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