More wisdom?

Hello, Dear Reader.

I was beginning a new book yesterday, as usual I read the introduction if there is one and this was written by the author Ken Follett. It starts with and I quote: “Nothing happens the way you plan it”.

The book is “The Pillars of the Earth” and is an very different style than his usual spy stories. This is a medieval epic, while his “Eye of the Needle” and most of his books are in the spy-mystery genre. The film with the same name made in 1981 with Donald Sutherland and Kate Nelligan was a scary spy movie with suspense till the end.

But, back to the introduction, and I am the first to agree with that statement. This has lead me to the most interesting, scary, sad and funny happenings in my life. I am very good in planning, I like life to be like I plan it, but so many times something has happened and my whole life has been turned upside down, several times. I think to live life is to manage to live with all the sudden moves and coincidences life is trowing at you. I have to admit that to do that is not very easy every time when it feels like the earth fell on your shoulders, and cripples you.

BUT I have figured out that things has to be done one step of the time, and to be able to help others and live your life one have to egoistic. Not in the I-like-to-step-on-others-to-get-where-I-want, but to admit that one can’t bring anything good to others before you feel good yourself. It is for nothing that when you go through the safety info on planes before you fly, the steward tells you to first strap on the oxygen mask on yourself before you help others. So, step one after a turnaround is to get handle of the things yourself and then take care of the rest. This can take some time, and it is allowed to ask for help. That is very difficult, at least for me, to do. But, it is a good way to get back to having both feet on the ground.

After contemplating my life after reading that statement, I read on…and I came to another goody bit he was writing. He was planning this book and had troubles with the main character and his sex-life as a Prior in the middle ages. Here I quote again:” Philip’s sexuality was also a problem. All monks and priests were supposed to be celibate in the Middle Ages. The obviously drama would be that of a man fighting a terrible battle with his lusts. But I could not work up any enthusiasm for that theme. I grew up in the 1960s, and my heart is always with those who deal with temptation by giving in to it” It made me laugh very hard, since the hippies had its problems and not all good came out of this era. But a true child of its time he certainly is.

I came to Chapter 1 before my eyes closed and the book fell off the bed. But I will report my findings of this epic, and hopefully you have a magical place to go to also. If not, there are surely a bookstore or a computer near by.

Have a good lunch or a continued good Summer Holiday!






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