Aliens, Sci-Fi and “Ringworld”


Dear Reader.

I am sorry I am a little late today, I got so excited about all these wonderful news. Today I am happy to say that I read that within 20 years, we will probably encounter alien life! Or as it was reported by IFLScience: NASA Believes Newest Telescopes Could Spot Extraterrestrial Life Within 20 Years.

This is happy news news for a Sci-Fi, or more correct Science Fiction, reader. This means I can use all the interesting and very unlikely problems, and solutions to those problems, I have been reading about for the last 20 years. Hooray!

As we on earth can’t seem to agree on that everyone has its right to a life-which include enough food, clean water and air self-respect and love, because of differences between religion, politics, taste and everything in between, it must be a relief to get some more different and unusual aliens to use the hate, stupidity and greed which are burning like fire in so many places on earth today.

I have to say that is a relief! Since we then will get a common ground to focus on and use all our burning hate and cruelty on someone that maybe will have no clue that we can actually be very kind, respectful, polite, forgiving, understanding and many other wonderful traits that we humans inhabit…

But, back to my Sci-Fi interest. It started with a book called “Ringworld” and is written by a guy named Larry Niven. It came out in 1970 and is a science-fiction novel and it opened up my world to space. It is a classic, and I will highly recommend it. It has three sequels and 4 prequels, and “Ringworld” led me to a hole new universe!!!

So Dear Reader, I will highly recommend Science Fiction and space, and now we have a reason to be prepared!! 20 years is not a long time in space, and while the human race is trying to kill itself in so many ways, you have something to enjoy.

Have a nice lunch!


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