Dear Reader,

say hello to the newest member of our little clan!

His name is “Bamse”, and he is little over 3 months old. We have understood that after we got him home to our place, his real name should have been “Hard-to-be angry-at-Sweet-Crazy-Troll”…

As you understand he is an absolutely adorable little kitten, and he has already broken a candle holder, played with meters of toilet paper and the wonderful orchid plant that I got as a gift is under hard attacks. It will be put away in case the plant will make him sick and to preserve the beautiful flower that I like very much.

While I have been taking holiday, the world seems to have just gone more crazy and hateful, and the little kitten helps me and many others to laugh and remember that love, forgiveness and empathy must be with us to balance the hate that seem to boil so many places and causes so many people to grieve over their lost loved ones, their homes and safety. And make monsters out of some…


So let this little curious camera kitten soften your hearth, and make you smile. A smile can make the day for both you and someone else better.

Have a good lunch,


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