Friday is here, ju-hu!


Hello, Dear Reader!

It is Friday and 4 days later I am down 2 wineglasses, one table decoration made of fake feathers, 2 more toilet rolls, and surely more things I do not know about. But Bamse the cat is very happy, and hanging in curtains like Cat the Pirate is the favorite sport…

It is also time to do some fun cooking and as you can see from the picture, there are several items to be combined to a smashing tasty meal.

One needs dough made from this recipe:

3 deciliter warm water, 1 packet yeast, 4 tablespoons olive oil, a pinch of salt, and 7 deciliter flour. Mix all of that and let sit till it is at least double size.

Then you need a desired amount of the homemade tomato sauce, and cheese and meat of your liking. I use minced meat and cook it in a pan with some olive oil, pepper and salt. Find a clean spot on your kitchen bench or table, and take some flour on the table before you put your nice dough there. Take out your rolling pin to make the dough very thin before you transfer it to an oven tray. Put tomato sauce, meat and cheese on top. As an added aroma and taste, take some basil leaves and drizzle over it all. I cut the dough in several pieces to have several small portions, kids love to help with assembling this meal.


The tray you then put in the oven, and let it sit there for 12-15 minutes at 225 degrees Celsius. By then it should smell like divine heaven in your kitchen…

Choose a good wine that you love which tolerate to be drunk together with a lot of tomato sauce…Sit down to enjoy.


Last time; in the 18. July blog, I made filled raviolis, and they are very, very good. Mmmmmm here too!

As Europe is shivering in the cold winds from the east, groups living in the Middle East are vanishing the lines between man and animal, and love, tolerance and forgiveness are under hard attacks from so many places, it is good to know that small things matters. Give someone a smile this weekend…

Have a good lunch, Dear Reader



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