Which one is more dangerous; hate or Ebola?

Dear Reader…

As you probably have read in the newspapers or internet or heard or experienced, it is not calm and wonderful times on our planet.

Ebola, which is a very deadly virus is killing whole families in Africa. Mostly because the local level of knowledge how the disease spreads is low or misinformation gets spread by people which want to keep their control over others. It is not an air born virus and one need to be in contact with the ill person in the time the disease is contagious. Either by touching the body itself or getting blood or puke or any form for bodily fluids on yourself.

Hate, on the other, seems to spread like fire, by naive and “goody” people which jumps on whatever is said and done in the news or the internet or by politicians which have endless reasons to get their opinions spread. It is not helping that we seem to have missed, like 3000 years of history, or think that our animals, which a lot of them we eat, are humans.

HATE, is the most dangerous thing at the time, and what if you use your lunch today, Dear Reader, to think about what is the most dangerous, and why we are so willing to use our feelings on hate, and spread it, instead of using the most powerful tools we humans have; love and understanding and forgiveness…



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