Do we want to live forever?


Fragile soap bubbles. To be enjoyed in the moment…

Dear Reader.

Wrinkles and sunspots and aches here and there will come, sooner or later, to all people. If you don’t embalm yourself in formaldehyde and surely die in the process…

The hunt for beauty and be forever young have always been big business. Endless fun ways of torture yourself have been on the marked, from the powder the aristocratic powerful women enjoyed to get their skin white and blemish free, except it was laced with lead which killed them slowly with painful side effects.

From lead to arsenic, the skin creams got even better. More side effects there, so oh joy, mercury took the leading place. When the radium came into place with Marie Curie’s discoveries, it was put into skin creams. Be radiant, before you die, must have been a good advertisement. More disgusting things would be tapeworms to get you thin, and binding of young feet and corsets to make them shaped small and perfect. Not to mention that one couldn’t function normal after these treatments, but boy, how beautiful??

We can go on and on, and in our days we have Botox, no wrinkles here; to smile and show joy are difficult, fat-sucking, silicone, creams made of things you do not want to know, all of this are helping people to look young and beautiful.

We find it harder and harder to accept that youth is something the young has, and our struggles with sagging here and there, and endless other things are bringing much pain and tears.

I have not mentioned the natural or bio identical hormones, which gives you the hormones that we have in our 20 and 30 in tablet form. Here the biggest problem is who is making them and are they pure? Not to mention, how is the body reacting to all these hormones?

Unfortunately, our genes and healthy living by exercise and eating well, are the only remedies that will keep us young, but not make us look like we are 20 again.

I would have loved to look like I am 20 for the rest of my life, but I have accepted that as long as I feel like I am 30, it is okay to look older. When it comes to things that will hinder me in my daily life, I will seek to see if there are some magic remedy that can help me, but till then, I will live with my wrinkles, my burn damaged scars, my sun spots, and my body which is not always wanting to do the things I want.

Sometimes I want to live forever, but if the quality of life is greatly reduced, I go for quality, not quantity. Life is so fragile and full of everything, why throw it away with wanting things you can’t have?

Do you want to live forever, Dear Reader?




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