Monday, again!


Dear Reader.

Even the best laid plans go to h*** sometimes; this blog wasn’t supposed to be posted before it was finished! I will finish it now…

So, lets go.

Even if the official summer has some days left on the calendar, it went suddenly from 30 degrees C, till 12 degrees C and drizzling rain. It is time for fall, which is not a bad season, even if the leaves turn yellow and red, and the rain and storms are going to attack Wonderland with vicious force.

The doubters of climate change can come and live in Wonderland a yer or two, and they will be convinced!!

The flu came just as sudden as the weather change. I have to say happy times have to wait a little.

But, there are two things I will need to buy this fall; rain boots and water-resistant make-up. I have avoided buying rain boots, since they all are so heavy. It is like getting heavy swimming fins on your feet, and you wobble around like a penguin. But, since I have no car, I will have to get it. Rain or shine, I need to be bicycling to the university, and fully covered everything rain gear, is priority one.

Priority two is water-resistant make-up! Make-up to brighten up the day is important, one look more awake and fresh with just the perfect amount make-up. Now, I look like I have a main role in a tragic opera. The supposed water-resistant make-up are not very resistant to anything. I would like to leave the tragic opera behind and look fresh and smart. Supposedly, when you are as old as me, you should have all this; make-up, clothing and rain gear all lined up, but other things have had priority it seems.

Now, I have to streamline myself a little; at least I do not have stains from a small child on everything anymore, now I have stains from a much bigger child, but at least my clothing are stain free much of the time…

So, Dear Reader. There are things to do and things to consider and things to test out. Progress will be reported. Even if  fall has arrived, I look forward to see the trees look like the picture on the top. And me look like, well, better than now!

Have a good afternoon!




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