Smiles are lovely.

Photo on 08.08.14 at 08.58

Dear Reader.

Finally! Yes, I got my suspicions confirmed. SMILES show we are satisfied, and we are actually born to smile!  Smiles make you look gorgeous.

The last bit I added, but this article I read yesterday confirmed that to smile is a very important social factor, and it makes it easier to know which intentions other people around us have. It makes it easier to communicate and survive in groups. A smile is the easiest face form to recognize from a distance. And it makes you pretty  – again I added something there…

So all out there; smile, feel good, send good vibes to people and make the world a better place.

How can you hate when you smile and laugh? How can you smile when you send off a missile towards another country, how can you laugh when you behead a person, and how can you show good intentions when you can’t move any muscles in your Botoxed face?

Dear, dear Reader, please smile to someone today, it will make the world a little bit better, one smile at a time…and if you have an animal or a furry friend, give them a hug. It will make their day!



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