Yes, it is Friday again!


Dear Reader.

Last time I made food and wrote about it here, I made PIZZA. Homemade, thin bottomed pizza with homemade tomato sauce, meat and cheese on top. It is delish, and it take much less time than you think, and kids love to make their own pizza. It taste so much better,  my daughter says…

The picture I posted for you to guess on the 19. August, was a picture of a ginger root that had created new life on its own. Ginger can be used to several things, but I use it mainly as a spice. It can also be used as medicine; it is said to, among other things, to prevent seasickness, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, boost your immune system, it is said to have anti-inflammatory effects and can help in the fight of some types of cancer. It has to be used with care if one is using blood thinning medication, since it is interfering with these medications. It is also said to have aphrodisiac properties, so why not add it in the next meal you have with your lover?

I put fresh ginger in the carrot soup I love to make and have posted the recipe earlier. It has a wonderful, and pungent smell, and the mature root has to be peeled before used. It is said to be delish used as tea, or mixed with your oranges and lemons when making juice.

Over to the next guess. What is in the picture on the top?

Some helping info; the main character to one of my favorite authors has a tree cat that loves to eat this. The author’s name is David Weber.

Hope you have a good weekend, Dear Reader.



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