I want to be a Superhero…



Dear Reader.

I hope that you had a very nice week-end. I know many didn’t, since it was a huge 6.0 or 6.1, depending on where you get your info from,  earthquake in California. Very close to where I used to live. Mostly material damage, but some people got hurt.

To lose your home and possessions are traumatic, specially if one doesn’t have insurance and all is lost. We are so dependent on a place to call home, specially now when fall and winter are coming quickly.

The grape harvest has just started in some places in the area, and to lose wine – from getting the barrels shaken out-of-place and falling down – both your old, full barrels and the empty, ready to be filled barrels are devastating for wineries, specially the small ones. The full barrels are your capital and supply of wine to your customers, and the new, empty barrels are storage place for the fermenting juice and finished wine. It take time to get new barrels shipped to the site, and wine down the drain is capital lost, if you don’t get it covered by the insurance. A constant wine supply to your customers is important to keep your customer base, which will now go elsewhere to get their wine demand covered if you don’t have anything to offer.

So my thoughts are being sent to everyone in Napa Valley and the area around.

I would have loved to be a Superhero, like the cat “Bamse” thinks he is these days. Flying in the air to get to forbidden places to “help” out has been his main goal the last days. I would love to fly in my little black catsuit to CA to help out with cleaning up wine spill, crushed barrels, destroyed equipment and otherwise 100 other things to be done before the harvests starts in full. I would love to have comforted people and said everything is going to be Okay and life takes turns we don’t want sometimes; it is just a little sidestep on the road we are following to get to the goal.

“Always look at the Bright Side of Life” they ended the last Monty Python show with, and that is what we have to do.

“Bamse” the flying Superhero cat had to be put in the “cat house” this weekend when he “helped”out a little too much, he broke a glass bowl and eggs. He so wants to be a Superhero, but more work is left to be done before that is going to happen!

Have a safe lunch, Dear Reader. Time for some of you to put your earthquake survival set together…



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