The imaginary CatSuperHero has been born.


Dear Reader,

The imaginary CatSuperHero has risen from the shadows and wants to save the world. She wants to change the world so she can see the beauty that lies everywhere, and see superheroes in everyone she meets. She doesn’t want to wake up morning after morning to a world that is destroying itself in so many, many ways…

CatSuperHero will pop up now and then, and try to save the day. She will have to start with herself. She is a superhero, but all superheroes has to keep improving, as everyone else. She has also found out that if everyone had a mirror and looked a little hard on themselves, they would maybe see that a smile would make them feel better and look gorgeous in addition..

But CatSuperHero read that if she wanted to keep being the the superhero that she wants to be for a long time, she needs to keep her brain in shape. Otherwise she can’t see the beauty in others. And a wonderful place to start for other superheroes in training is  here:

Dear Reader, aka. superhero in training, have a wonderful day!



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