Tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes.


Dear Reader!

Life is beautiful, but some days have too few hours to do everything. So I am a little late today…sorry. I wish I could say this would never happen again, but that would be to fool you and me. A total reorganization of my day has caused some clashes of time, but nothing I can’t live with.

I want to enjoy my life these days, it is a joy to start on something that will transform my life, independently of everything else that is happening around me. I have read article after article about being burned out, being a stay home mom, being without work, lose your job and apply for hundreds of new jobs without any good answers back, and keep your self-confidence through all this. And most of the reading material has been bull s****t.

Nothing can prepare you for a loss of so much on one time; job, money and your cozy life as someone who people think are okay to hang out with. I love being a mom, but I am a professional too, and I am a sad person if I can’t balance my day with the joy of being a mom, and on the same time use my brain to be in a job I love. It is a win, win situation when I can both work and then pick up my child after school. I am lucky I have a child that enjoys all the happiness that can be had with school and friends.

To keep your self-confidence on top through all this time with uncertainty, is absolutely not possible and if someone tell you this, it is bull crap. If you are not high on drugs or alcohol or anything else that can be used, it is impossible to not get a huge dip in your love to yourself and you end up feeling useless.

I am not a useless person, I am a strong, confident person with lots of guts. But I have to say, I do not want to have too much of total chaos in my life anymore. And guts is needed when you claw yourself back to live a life that is good. Now I have got a new road to walk down, and I am thrilled to say: “Ju-hu, I love my life 200% again”

It is never too late for most things, so please Dear Reader, live your life the best you can, and don’t listen to all the bull crap that life is a high and perfect state all the time! It is allowed to feel sorry for yourself and to bitch and complain and take your time to get a step further. But never give up, it is always something that lays around the next corner.

Tomatoes I started with, and tomatoes I will end the blog with today.

Tomatoes are a fruit, botanically, yes it is! But we are for culinary purpose calling it a vegetable, and I use a lot of tomatoes. It is in this house mostly used as tomato sauce, the recipe I have put up before, but I also use it in salads and on slices of bread. The tomato is the fruit from nightshade, and it is endless different types, or cultivars, of this popular veggie. It is full of lycopene, that has a lot of health benefits.

I say eat more tomatoes, and since it is about 7500 different types, you should manage to find something that suits your taste…




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