September, here we come!


Dear Reader.

It is first of September and the nights get darker and longer. Instead of thinking it is a bad thing, I love the stars and the Northern Lights that come playing over the darker sky. I love to watch the stars blink and change color and if I am lucky, I can see a shooting star moving quickly over the sky leaving a short, white trail. And I make a wish when I see the shooting star. I am such a childish person that I think it works…

Northern Lights are playing like colored music moving over the sky making me think of my youth, when I lay in the snow freezing my ass off and watched the Northern Lights play over the whole sky. Everyone should experience it once in their life. It is such an overwhelming sight that everything in life gets small and insignificant.

The air gets colder and fresher, and since we have had a warm summer this summer, it is refreshing to have the fresh air in the face when one sleeps at night. In Wonderland many sleep with windows open the whole year to get fresh air for a better sleep. I missed this when I roamed outside the country. Of course it is cold as he** when you wake up and the time it takes to get to a warmer room takes very short time!

Dear Reader, make the best out of the week, I will. Try to see some stars blink…


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