Yes, I am getting older!

The child and the mom. And joy...

The child and the mom. And joy…

Dear Reader.

After several weeks of lectures and student activities, I do need to admit, I am older that the average student. I am surprised that the average student haven’t learned the time, and are showing up whenever it fits them to class. It irritates me greatly. I grew up being late to everything, and it took me ages to get on time. Now, it makes me very irritated.

This means I have grown up. Which distress me greatly. I decided long time ago to not grow up. I wanted to keep all the good elements of childhood and young age. The curiosity and non-stop wanting for new experiences, the love, closeness and care children give to others without demands and rules, the fierce independence they fight for, and the unfiltered outlook on life.Their body is a huge surprise and bring new  experiences every day. It gets blue marks when they play, grow different every day and do and sound differently; farts are funny and scratches are very much a small science project. Their body is a part of them which is good. It makes it possible to do things; play and run and slide down slides. They do not look at the body as something that defines you. They define it…

All these are qualities I do not want to go away. But, as one grow older, the demands mold us to act differently and all these wonderful properties goes away. We learn to be cautious, to be mistrusting, to stop looking at the small things and all the unfiltered views go away. To give hugs and love thinking what lies behind. To look at the body as it defines you, not the other way around. So instead of enjoying all the things a body can do, and use it for good sex and sports and hiking and love, we  leave the body and look at it from outside. And look for faults and mistakes…

I don’t want to be irritated at the students being late, I don’t want to stop taking pictures and look at the small things, I want to keep giving others hugs and love without the pressure of what that would result in, and my body is the only body I will get and I will take care of it as the precious gift it is.

I will Carpe Diem; size the day, and leave the rest to the grown ups.

Dear Reader, maybe you can too?






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