Angry mothers!


Dear Reader!

So much to do and so little time…so sometimes it is going to be days without a new blog at justbeforelunch. But I will do my best to manage it, since I love doing it.

When the stress level is increasing and the time get scares, it is things which will not work perfectly. I can live without perfection. I have now moved little crazy BatCat down from the dinner table probably 20 times and two times he has been moved into the bathroom to think about his behavior.

Now he is laying here, again. So he will be allowed to be here when I work. Since I give in. He found out that he can lay behind my computer, where I can’t see him, once he did this and this has been his strategy every time since. Crouching down and sneak his way behind the lap top lid.

My daughter drew this picture of me the other day. This is actually how I look like when I am angry…I have red devil horns and teeth that obviously is made for eating small children. My eyes look very small, and yes, when my sleep get scarce I will sometimes sound and look like this. Specially if I have had waaaaay too little sleep. But, as I try to tell my daughter, mothers and fathers are only human, and some days will the devil horns and teeth pop up.

I find it exciting and very inspiring to study again, and oh, yes, I needed it. I am outdated and there is so much to learn. I feel my neurons are firing and building new connections as I write.

So, I can live with BatCat on the table, my daughter drawing me like this and it is not very clean ALL the time around me. But the morning snuggle time, the school homework time, the reading time at bedtime and the Friday evening pizza making are a must. BatCat loves us both with hunting us down and biting our tootsies, and sitting watching TV with us when we do. Animal programs and music shows are the favorites…

Dear Reader. Life is beautiful, but far from empty from stress and worries. And I love every minute of it…

Have a good weekend, there are good hopes that we will get a hiking trip in the woods this Sunday and celebrate the national hiking day which we in Wonderland celebrate every year.

To hike makes the body good and the stress levels go down…


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