Happiness is…?


This is “RØD FLUESOPP” and is one of the really toxic ones. DO NOT PICK OR EAT!!

Dear Reader,

as you can see it is fall and mushroom time. The ones in the picture I have no clue what is called, I do now, it is “RØD FLUESOPP,” and YES, they are very dangerous and taste icky. But, a friend of me knows 4 -5 safe mushroom types to look for, and this we did yesterday. To go through a humid, foggy forest to look for mushroom is actually very meditative and peaceful. We found two different types, and my friend explained what to look for and how to test if it is safe.

It is very, very important to know what you do when picking mushrooms to eat. There are a lot of very dangerous types of mushrooms that can cause misery and death, even a touch of a mushroom can bring misery out. You have to be sure before you pick it, and if you are not sure, touch it with your foot first to look for more known clues, and if you are not 150% sure, LEAVE it.

Here in Wonderland in the fall, there are actually mushroom control stations where people that know very well their stuff, are more than happy to check your harvested bounty. If there are ONE dangerous mushroom in the bounty, EVERYTHING goes in the trash.

Some mushrooms get dangerous when you combine them with alcohol, some are dangerous before they get heated, some irritates your bowls, some have nerve toxins, some creates allergy, some are just plain deadly, and some are just wonderful to eat.

This is not the time to bring out your overconfidence when you are not quite sure if you know the mushroom or not. It has been deaths related to mushrooms being eaten, and very severe poisonings are common. A lot of these reported cases are from foreigners in Wonderland that do find similarities to their home country mushrooms, and then end up very ill.

But, it is very fun to go looking for the perfect and safe mushroom, and it taste just so good with other food. Mushroom risotto with a velvety red wine is just one step from total bliss, so if you have time, run out in the woods and look for your next wonderful meal.

My happiness are made of small happenings, and today,  my early lunch were some fresh bread, meat and PERFECT avocado slices. Avocado are just so difficult to know if they are green,-yellow and tasty, or brown, ugly and you have to trow the whole avocado away even if you had bought it seconds before. So the wonderful avocado made my day.

Have a good lunch, Dear Reader.





3 thoughts on “Happiness is…?

  1. Those are “rød fluesopp”, apparently known as fly agaric in English (the white spots can wash off in the rain). I certainly wouldn’t advice eating those…

    • I thought so too, that it was “RØD FLUESOPP”, but I thought they were more like a ball with lots of white dots on…so I didn’t dare to write the name. And yes, REALLY not advised to eat!!

  2. They start out as balls and then widen as they grow (all toadstools do).

    In any case, your rule is good: Only eat those you are absolutely sure are safe 🙂 Makes me want to go mushroom hunting.

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