Let’s remember…

The magic glass ball...

The magic glass ball…

Hello, Dear Reader.

Today, let us take some time to remember all the victims from the 11. September 2001 terrorist attack in US. But no only that, but we should try remember all the victims from all the meaningless wars, terrorist attacks, accidents, and all other incredible horrible things that have happened in the name of a cause that is for me so not understandable.

Let our heart go out to all the ones that has cried their eyes empty and are missing a loved one.

The magic ball is empty, the glass ball can’t foresee all the gruesome happenings that the future will bring, and I do think that is okay- not that I think it can foresee the good things either.

But I hope the future can learn from the past, and make us try to stop all the meaningless violence that has risen lately.

Make love, not war, and try to make the heart understand that a dead heart can’t make any good changes, and that goes for hearts in both dead and living persons.

Have a reflective lunch,




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