To say “I am sorry”!



Dear Reader.

It is Friday and I have still some energy left for the weekend. It is a wonderful feeling to have gone through a week, not fairytale easy and quick, but through hard work and self-examination. It is hard work to get back to a different life and schedule, and I will not hide that this is not an easy endeavor. It is hard work and hard decisions that get the results, and I can celebrate a new week full of ups and downs.

I made a lot of good decisions this week, and I feel small victories are cause for celebration. And I will make something I absolutely love tomorrow for me and some friends for dinner. This is my reward to myself and the best way is to share my happiness with others…

One of the things I had to take a hard look at this week was how I judge myself and others. I came to the conclusion I judge myself way to hard, and therefore I also judge others hard. I feel to be a whole and balanced human being, I have to let my hard demands and critique of myself “let go”. And I will. It is no use of beating yourself up for things that have gone wrong, been difficult and been creating havoc in your life. It is forward and upwards that counts, and when I am allowed by myself to shift focus, life gets such a beautiful place to be.

When I looked closely on myself I found out I still have a hard time saying “I am sorry”. Before that was a easy word to share, but the last years it has been hard to see beyond myself to actually see and experience that I have been at fault. That is not a good thing to see or feel. But, sorry has not an expire date, and sorry is not a hard word to really say and mean. Because you have to mean it, if not the whole concept goes to h***.

Dear Reader, can you say “I am sorry” easily or is it stuck somewhere between your stomach and the brain? I practice every day to forgive myself and others, and to say sorry when it is needed. I do think that is a good thing.

Have a wonderful weekend, and give someone a hug. It is so little hugs in the world.





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