Sancerre, the elegant food choice.


Dear Reader.

The weekend that was mentioned yesterday as great, contained some alcohol.

Just to make it clear, those are not mutual inclusive, but some times they are! I drank, among other good wines,  a good bottle of wine from Sancerre. This is wine that is from the area Sancerre, the eastern part of the Loire Valley, southeast of Orleans in France. It is primarily associated with the grape type Sauvignon blanc, and this wine, Henry Natter, is 100% Sauvignon blanc. The alcohol is 12,50%, sugar: 1,00 g/l, and the acid is: 5,30 g/l.


The color was beautiful light yellow, it had a lemony and dry chalky nose with a taste that reminded me about dried grass, fresh lemon and some herbs; not green, but the mix was like the smell of a wonderful hot summer day. A very viscous wine with long aftertaste and perfect! to smoked trout, capers, olive oil and Parmesan. This is not a super expensive wine, but a very good and elegant wine that I feel can be used to more than smoked trout.  Sauvignon blanc has not the top status as it deserve, so I am always happy to bring out a wine that is made from this grape.

Have a good lunch, Dear Reader, I will use mine to remember the delish taste these pictures bring out… Joy, oh joy.



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