Sharing the happiness!


Dear Reader,

I still live on the glow from last weekends happiness. And I will share with you how I made the perfect whole duck ever! I got a very good advice to use this recipe for my whole duck project, and wow, am I glad that I took the advice.

Gary Rhodes – Slow Honey-Roasted Duck

You take a good size duck, and cut it up so the fat can escape, and rub it in with honey, black pepper and salt. I used liquid Akasie honey; liquid honey has a higher content of fructose, and almost as soon as I put the duck into the oven, the aroma from the honey mixed with melted duck fat came wafting through the air. I use BLACK pepper since I do not like the taste of the WHITE pepper, even if the recipe says white pepper.

Be sure to take away the fat during the time the duck is cooking and rub the honey and a little fat onto the duck. I was very exited to see if I ha overcooked it, because almost all meat has to sit and rest some time after it is finished cooking. And then it will still cook..

But I have to say, which perfection. It was JUST right.

I served it with baked potatoes cut into wedges drizzled with olive oil and some salt and pepper. A little simple salad and some of the honey-duck-broth made the food perfect.


The wines that we had to the duck was one simple, but oh so elegant  DSC_0759

Vincent Girardin, Bourgogne Terroir Noble 2010. It was aired in kind of a carafe, since my nice Duck carafe and the other one got broken. It has its downside to move from one continent to another…And the prices in Wonderland are very high on luxury goods.

It was just perfect to the duck and more happiness will come tomorrow….



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