Oslo and thoughts long forgotten.

Dear Reader,

Road trips are exiting, and crossing along Wonderland, I realised the same trees I saw twenty years ago driving along Road 3, I also saw yesterday. The only changes were road improvements and much more aggressive truckers and trucks. And some colored moose antlers hanging in the trees now and then?

I HATE with a vengeance that heavy and huge trucks, and unfortunately mostly foreign licensed trucks, are driving 3 centimeter from my back bumper. I think this is because I know basic physics and they don’t, or don’t care. I will liveĀ  half a second longer when I manage to stop for whatever I need to stop for, before the trucks come and ruin more than MY day!

Every time I am thinking I will take a picture of their license plate and forward it to the police, but I usually end up showing them my finger. This is usually not a good idea, and yesterday I managed to calm down. And we had a very nice and easy and relaxed trip.

So Oslo was entered in a calm and nice state, and I found the place where I am going to stay. I did observe the prison that lies in close vicinity to where I stay, and my thoughts went to Las Vegas, CA long time ago…

Then I was single, no kids, had a very small, open sports car, and my friend and me thought it would be fun to drive to Las Vegas on a road trip from where we lived at the time, Napa Valley. Two blond girls, a cabriolet and music.

We sang along with all the cheesy songs we heard on the radio, while we drove over the Californian Delta, through Death Valley, past the brothels and into Las Vegas, the city with all the blinking lights. I LOVE Las Vegas, for about three days, and then I leave tired and broke.

But the feeling I have when the city is fresh, is wonderful. This time my friend had gotten the job to get a hotel for us to stay at while we were there, and as usual we had almost no money and what we had should not be going to expensive hotels, but to fun and cheap drinks. She guided me to the hotel, and boy oh, boy there it was. A very tired hotel next to the prison in Las Vegas. Which get used a lot, there is a reason why things that happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas…

Contrary to the nice area I am staying in here in Oslo, this was NOT the nice part of town. We got up to the room, and we almost turned to go somewhere else. But as the idiots we were we had prepaid and could not redo it. So, we decided to stay as little as possible at the hotel, and hope for the best at the Black Jack table…

It turned out we had a nice stay, the police force around there was huge, and we won some and lost some at the different Casinos in town.

At the end we threw a silver dollar over the edge of the Hoover Dam, and wished us something. I do think everything we wished for and more have come trough. We are both still true to our principles; we do love life, and in my friends case also hippos, and we still drink wine, even if our money flow still has not been completely resolved.

This time there are no Casinos involved, but wine, yes.

Have a good lunch and weekend, Dear Reader, and dream a little. It is allowed.




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