Dear Reader.

I ask again, how do you define happiness?

I write a lot about being happy and treasure the “NOW”. But I have discovered that happiness is so many things and it is hard to say that ONE thing makes me happy. My daughter makes me very, very, very happy, people makes me happy, love makes me happy,  food that tastes great makes me happy – the lemon pie on the picture was tasting enormously wonderful after a the meal with smoked trout and duck-, making wine and drinking wine makes me happy, music makes me happy, traveling makes me happy, good books makes me happy, to work for a company that have an excellent purpose, is professional and manage to make me want to give my best, makes me delirious happy, I can go on and on.

It is so much that makes life worth living and makes me open my eyes and jump up of bed with a smile, even if it is before the sun has even decided to get up…in Wonderland in winter the sun never get up, and the darkness can kill even the most positive and happy person.

There are off course all the negative sides; getting older, illnesses that seem to have gotten to so many of my friends, the constant exercise to keep the kilo and the dangerous fat around the stomach away, the evilness in the world impersonated by all the greedy and the useless empty people who think that we have many worlds to squander, all the pollution in the air, water and land caused by ignorance and greed, people’s indifference, the incredible unbalanced media world that almost ALWAYS is being a pawn and a Lego piece in such a big and opaque net of power struggle and shit, food full of additions or pollution that makes us ill.

Here I also can go on, but the hardest thing I have to accept is that people have no intention to be less greedy or less hateful or less understanding or less going forward in a way that actual can benefit both the world and the people. And it makes me sad.

Can you list three things that ACTUALLY has befitted the world and the humans, except water toilets, Bose noise cancelling headphones, vaccines, and better drugs to keep pain away?

So many things has been said to be the best thing ever happened, and then 30 years down the line we are suddenly dying or getting ill or the plastic bits from the plastic bags we use in millions and millions are showing up even in the smallest creatures in the sea, and pollutes the whole chain of fish in the sea. And then the birds and then us and then the air.

Or, I can list thousands and thousands of examples that shows that we humans should be more humble and more loving to what we have instead of  always wanting more or better or nicer and newer and and and. It feels that even if we are more educated, more global, more understanding, more everything, the world is still getting the worst part of the deal.

And then we have people like Putin, also called the Botox doll, sitting there like evil itself and thinks that more is better, than instead getting the best out of what he has.

So, Dear Reader, why do we want so much more than the gift of life itself?



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