Munch museum in Oslo.


Flowers, Botaniske hage, Oslo, where Munch got some of his inspiration to his paintings.

Dear Reader,

if you recognized the chocolate print on the top of the cake, that I published in the blog on Monday, as a print from the painting “Skrik” or in English “the Scream”, you were right. And if you then guessed that I was visiting the Munch Museum, you have very good knowledge of Norwegian art and museums.

This picture was stolen in 2004 and later found, and is now again on public display in the Much museum.

I went to visit the exhibition “Gjennom naturen” or “Through Nature”, which is a co-operation between the Munch museum and the UiO:Naturhistorisk museum, to show how much of Munch pictures are being inspired by nature and light.

It was a very inspiring visit, and the very unusual exhibition objects mix were very well put together and I marveled in the Munch museum part. I regretfully didn’t see the other part of the exhibition int he other place, but that have to be till a later time.

I do recommend you to visit this exhibition if you can, it is a joy.

Have a good lunch, Dear reader!




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