What shall be done?

Viking ship in the Botanical Garden in Oslo

Viking ship structure in the Botanical Garden in Oslo.

Dear Reader.

How are you doing today? Are you happy and content, or very unhappy and angry?

I am all that, because on most accounts I am happy and content, but some things bothers me a lot. More than a lot, they are in fact making me furious and well, I will tell you why.

A lot of people living in Wonderland are descendants of the Vikings. One of the things they had to deal with was head lice. The Vikings lived around 1000 years ago, and the problem with head lice they dealt with by combing their hair a lot and sometimes bleaching their hair by various liquids. Being blond was obviously a very nice thing to be, even if I am not sure if that is a sure historical fact, but they put a lot into their appearance before jumping in the boats to pillar and steal in other countries. And the head lice went with them. But at least they tried to fight it with a lot of different methods.

Roll 1000 years ahead, and you meet the Wonderlands inhabitants in this modern and rich society. They STILL fight head lice. The symbol on poor conditions, very low knowledge on how it is spread and poor coordination abilities, is still a huge problem in Wonderland.

But do we have poor conditions and no knowledge of this problem? NO, we have a political problem which hinder the coordination to solve this problem. It is also a nouveau rich problem. We want the appearance of being sophisticated and chick, but a society that can not deal with this problem which create resistant head lice to many of the medication we have, is neither chick or sophisticated.

If the head lice had been transferring bad diseases, it would have gotten millions of millions of research money, like the tick problem, that also has exploded in Wonderland. For also many wrong and naive reasons ticks are beginning to be a huge human and animal problem.

And again, we see no solutions, except the obvious ones. Take care of the vectors, mainly deer, but also other furry creatures that live int he woods and their environment, the underbrush and woods in Wonderland are growing and growing and nothing stops the growth. No thinning, no care and since most people live in a city, why would they actually care about ticks. But they should…

So, back to the head lice problem. I WANT the control of head lice back to the school system, with control by a health care person, and a treatment to all the people in the house hold. I do not CARE if someone thinks it is embarrassing, I don’t care if it is expensive for the state, I want the head lice population DOWN. I DEMAND a solution to this ridiculous and unnecessary problem.

Have the people in Wonderland become accepting of all kinds of stuff on the cost of an appearance? Do we ignore and can’t take responsibility for problems that we really want to shove under the rug? Because it IS a problem, and this is nothing we should accept as NORMAL. There is a lot of things I do not accept as NORMAL, but I think the idiotic arrogance and stupidity need to go away, and deal with problems that are real.

And I will give you more of problems I think is REAL in future blogs. I taste blood, and will share it with you…and I guarantee it is NOT a discussion who has the blame for that we are not going to have Olympic Games or not in 2022

Have a good lunch and check your hair with a comb designed for finding and taking away head lice…




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