Chocolate and red wine!

Photo on 09.10.14 at 21.43

Dear Reader,

it is dark and cold in Wonderland. We finally have temperatures that fits the month we are in. Every time the fall comes and it gets darker and darker, and colder, I feel like digging a cave and stay there for the rest of the time till spring again. With chocolate and red wine.

For around this time I start to drink red wine. Of course there are always bubbles, but my white wine taste buds get a rest till the spring. Since my time schedule has become like the one I had before I got my kid, I have to write the blog the evening before. Up till now I have read the newspapers and checked out funny stories before I have blogged, now I have to blog without the same day fun. Oh well.

So, the chocolate I had with a boxed Spanish red wine tonight I wouldn’t necessary mix again, it tasted funny and now I feel I have mixed soap and some oil in my mouth. It was some seconds with marzipan taste, but that quickly went to sticky mass with liquid splashing around. No perfect unique tast of heaven and stars. But then I know, no “Kvikklunch” and red Spanish box wine together. Ick!

And I could have easily guess that, but that was the only chocolate I had. No dark chocolate, no cream filled small enjoyments, no chocolate mousse, no…Well, you get the picture. A Spanish wine like that I would have enjoyed with a darker chocolate, other red wines need milk chocolate, and others again can’t take the combination. What is fun is to try lots of combinations and see what comes out. For a perfect red wine and a perfect chocolate together is close to heaven, but it is like the Holy Grail, one have to find it first.

A good thing, tomorrow is the last workday of the week, or at least no lectures. Yeah, yeah.

I hope you will have a good weekend, Dear Reader, I will try and see if I can get one too.


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