Fumbling Towards Ecstacy, Sarah McLachlan.


Frost in leaves on my walk this morning

Dear Reader, today I will start with two sentences from Sarah’ s song:

“All the fear has left me now
I’m not frightened anymore”

This song is about daring to feel, after one have had a setback. It doesn’t necessary need to be in love, but any setback that has cost you a lot of feelings and you feel reluctant to go forward again.

It could be something that has happened to your body, your mind, you have lost your work or lost a dear one,  or you just have had changed surroundings that scare you.


I live a very chaotic and changing life, and I am doing a lot that stretches my personal limits. I have to learn to accept that I can’t do everything how I like to have it, and it feels very, very uncomfortable. But as the first sentence says, all the fear has left me, and this makes so I actually can relax and do what I need to do. But it still will be days when my blog will be empty and I go to bed feeling it is hundred more things I have to do. But I am not frightened anymore, and that helps a lot.

My best is the only thing I can do without getting ill, so every moment with enjoyment will find a harbor in me. The 30 minutes it took me to walk to the university this morning, made me remember I do have a wonderful life.

Dear Reader, life is beautiful, even if it can be hard to remember all the time…




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