Hell, it is Friday again:-)

Photo on 26.02.15 at 13.03

Dear Reader!

This is me on some Fridays, thinking that the work load is getting the best of me.

I do have to admit I cheated a little bit with the hair spray, but this is how I am inside some weeks when Friday arrive. My life has changed so much, and yes, the improvements are positive, but it is not an easy ride…And when the times gets rough, the sugar craving comes back. So, yes, I have had a small sugar break-down this week, but far from the huge dips I used to have. That I celebrate, because then the hard cure is working.

But this is a very important pattern, as soon as my workload is high and I am getting tired, my craving for carbohydrates are coming back. Even if the sugar gives a short spike in energy and you have to keep going with more and more to keep the same effect, we are using it to keep us going. And this is enforced by all the sugar added to food that should be sugar-free! This is because we get used to the sweet taste, and reject taste that are natural and not so sweet.

Why is it that we have so many advises and things we should do with kids to learn to taste natural tastes, but no one asks and demands improvement in the food industry, so the customers at least have a chance to taste how the food should taste?

To always make food from scratch takes time, and I really like to do it, but not all the time….and then I have to rely on the food industry. I rather rely on a drug dealer…it is more predictable!

But soon it is weekend, I will sleep extra in the mornings, and just let the world rush by.

On Monday I will jump on the fast lane again…

Have a good weekend, Dear Reader!