What? Have I moved to the Death Star?


Dear Reader, good Monday morning!

This picture was taken on my way walking to the university this morning. Snow has fallen overnight and the townspeople of Trondheim suddenly had surroundings which were brighter and more pleasant to walk around in.

But, now I want you to look closer at the picture. Do you see red and black asphalt here? Do you see a speck of color in the snow, bear in mind ON the road, not dirt or leaves ON the snow? You probably came to the same conclusion as me, that NO, you can’t see much when the road is covered by snow. But this is what my city is thinking one can do. Because for several years now we have been an environmental friendly city, which include marking part of the roads so people on bicycles can ride SAFELY in separate areas, but sharing the same road.

Do you feel it is something wrong with this statement, specially remembering that Trondheim has snow several months out of the year? And do you consider bike riding in winter on the same roads as cars, very SAFE? I don’t, I think riding on totally separate areas are safe, not bulking it together on the same roads. I think is it the thinking of “I want it to be like this, so this is how it is supposed to be”, not “What is the reality and how do we solve it”.

We in Norway like Fairy tales, and love to use them as histories that give good advice about moral and ethic and, well give a good story. But I have come to understand that many people in Norway has started to think that if we believe hard enough in something, it is magical going to be real.

Or I have magically moved to the Death Star, dept of Trondheim, Norway, where a darkish evil group of wacky people are controlling their underlings into thinking that if they just believe hard enough, and get hard enough rules and regulations, it will be for the best for everyone.

Let me mention a different story, or several on the same topic. I opened up the newspaper the other day, and on one of the pages it showed the Prime minister of Norway sitting in a plane. She is squished down in an airplane seat, with a red belt over her stomach. Our Prime minister is above the average in weight, and to get the seat belt on, it looked like she needed the extension that people with babies have on when they travel. I would be mighty angry, as a Prime minister, that I 1. had to put half of my body on someone else seat and 2. use the “red” seat belt to buckle down. But since we have planes that look like they are designed in the starving after the second world war period, with super slim people, this is the reality. Not to mind that people today, on average, is much bigger. This happened with the some new sets of trains too, they were designed for small people with no legs and no fat anywhere…they had to be changed to trains with bigger seats to a huge price later.

This I think happens because a part of the deciding people WANT or WISH people were slimmer and have small legs, or I am not sure what they are thinking. But thinking within the reality area is the only scenario that is missing.

Then I will go over to the Trondheim parking “VESEN” or “BEING” directly translated, since I feel it is like a BEING, an EVIL BEING. I will call it TPB for now, and since I live within the city limits, and I borrow a car now and then, I need to park it somewhere. To do this I need a license, and to follow the rules of the city parking. But this you understand, Dear Reader, it is harder than anything else. The rules are very interesting and funny, for instance, when one leave for holiday the car has to be placed somewhere else, since the rules says that one have to check the car ones a day to see if someone has plunged down a sign so you have to move the car, and of course it is the TPB that is enforcing this. Who has a second place to put their car, just like that. Or maybe people with cars in this city shouldn’t go on holiday?

There was a second there where I worried that I was going to not borrowing a car, but since I am a single mom that has time scheduling problems, I actually need it now and then. But this is exactly what the city wants. Since it gets prices for its environmental friendly approach, it wants to keep on doing things like that.  And they get helped by the TPB. And I get vibes from the Death Star and evil minds again. Or Norwegians whom believe in Fairy tales…

Do not think that I don’t care of the environment, I usually walk to the university, I recycle paper and plastics, I am a huge friend of organic food and a lot, lot more, but I think if we want to go back to the time with horse and carriages, it need to be taken a vote on it. Because then I actually have to plan my life differently, or maybe move to a different country.

It is amazing that people of Norway actually are tolerating to be guided like this, as the evil minds plot in their little bubble of fairy tales.

Have a good afternoon, Dear Reader, from Fairy tale country!




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