Friday Beer!


Hello Dear Reader.

The week flies by and it is again Friday. Moving from the Death Star till more calm waters, today I want to focus on more homely matters.

What do you see in your mirror when you wake up in the morning, Dear Reader?

Is it the perfect picture of yourself or is it a more natural wake-up-fussy-hair and sleepy eyes that hit you? With me it is the total fussy, I can’t see myself clearly, but if you see yourself perfectly okay, you do have a distortion problem or wayyy too much use of Botox and hair gel. Or you are just a very happy morning person and it reflects in the mirror.

I am a happy morning person, but I find it easier to just go in small steps in the morning. This is important for me, for the mornings sets the parameters for the day. If the day is starting with grumpy words and a lot of stress, the day takes a downturn for the worse in no time. I love life and I am willing to go to great measures to get a good start to the day.

To have a plan to a smooth morning is very important, and I have found out that more than other places, it brings great rewards. When I can get giggles and smiles and happy time in the morning, then the rest of the day can be very bad, AND I still get home in a good mood. So the extra time in the morning is worth a lot.

Then I can come home and make pizza while I am drinking a bottle of beer. I love the beer in the picture, and with a smooth, little bitter taste at the end, with a sweet start, and loads of foam, the Friday is settling in nicely. This will give, hopefully, a good start of the weekend.

Be happy,


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