Little bit of this and that!

Crazycat is grown up

Crazycat is grown up

Hello, Dear Reader!

I am very happy it is Friday, and I am also happy to report that the sugar reducing project is right on schedule. Which is good. It has not been easy; suddenly chocolate advertisements on the TV makes me drool, and reminds about the advertisements strong hand.

On other homely issues, the picture shows a very offended cat, he has become grown up and has full control over his local environment. He actually thinks he owns my computer and can use it as a heating pillow. This makes it difficult for me to even use it! His favorite place is actually on the keyboard, and he stands in front of screen, just to get my attention. He is very good to get what he wants, and he follows me like a dog. He follows me to the bathroom, he checks the shower water afterwards, he helps me with changing of the bed clothing and checks EVERYTHING we buy from the store. He has exceptional good memory, and he knows were all his food and goodies are stored. So actually, I do think this is an alien cat from space…:-)

Of course not, but he is very kind and happy as long as he get what he wants, which is very similar to our human behavior. This brings me another issue that the newspapers have been discussing lately.

Purses, and particularly expensive purses from nice brands. The discussion is on who owns them and how old their owners are. The topic is rather how the kids of Norway is getting very expensive and is very brand loving. It is very much a trend; the kids get expensive and very trendy stuff!

There are no thought about that things should be earned or what are our values or more defining upbringing issues. I just applaud the discussion and hope that someone learns from it…

Have a good weekend, Dear Reader!


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